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go hornets!

Nashville Community High School


go hornets!

Nashville Community High School

go hornets!

Nashville Community High School

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9 months ago @ 7:00PM

Monster Mash - Freeburg

FCHS Monster Mash Volleyball Tourney 10/13/2018
Pool A                        Pool B                          Pool C                         Pool D
Freeburg                    Collinsville                    Greenville                   Teutopolis
Chester                      Nashville                      Gibault                        Waterloo
Love Joy                     First Baptist                 Benton                        Okawville

Team listed 1st is home team and will provide Scorekeeper . Team listed 2nd is visitor and will provide libero tracker

Pool A Schedule - Freeburg High School                                   Pool B Schedule - Freeburg Grade School
10 am Freeburg vs Chester                                                        10 am Collinsville vs Nashville
11 am Chester vs Love Joy                                                         11 am Nashville vs First Baptist
12 pm Love Joy vs Freeburg                                                       12 pm First Baptist vs Collinsville

Pool C Schedule - Smithton Grade School                                Pool D Schedule - St. Joseph’s Grade School
10 am Greenville vs Gibault                                                       10 am Teutopolis vs Waterloo
11 am Gibault vs Benton                                                             11 am Waterloo vs Okawville
12 pm Benton vs Greenville                                                        12 pm Okawville vs Teutopolis

Gym Addresses
Freeburg Community High School - 401 S Monroe, Freeburg IL 62243
Freeburg Community Grade School - 408 S Belleville St, Freeburg IL 62243
Smithton Grade School - 316 S Hickory St, Smithton IL 62285
St. Joseph’s Grade School - 2 N Alton St, Freeburg IL 62243 (Bus park on St. Clair St)
Team listed 1st is home team and will provide Scorekeeper. Team listed 2nd is visitor and will provide libero tracker
*******The Bracket games may start a little early if both teams are at the gym and coaches agree*******

Gold Bracket Schedule - All Gold Bracket games are at Freeburg High School
2 pm GB game 1 1st in Pool A vs 1st in Pool C
3 pm GB game 2 1st in Pool B vs 1st in Pool D
4 pm GB game 3 loser of GB game 1 vs loser of GB game 2
5 pm GB game 4 winner of GB game 1 vs winner of GB game 2

Silver Bracket Schedule - All Silver Bracket games are at Freeburg Grade School
2 pm SB game 1 2nd in Pool A vs 2nd in Pool C
3 pm SB game 2 2nd in Pool B vs 2nd in Pool D
4 pm SB game 3 loser of SB game 1 vs loser of SB game 2
5 pm SB game 4 winner of SB game 1 vs winner of SB game 2

Bronze Bracket Schedule - All Bronze Bracket games are played at Smithton Grade School
2 pm BB game 1 3rd in Pool A vs 3rd in Pool C
3 pm BB game 2 3rd in Pool B vs 3rd in Pool D
4 pm BB game 3 loser of BB game 1 vs loser of BB game 2
5 pm BB game 4 winner of BB game 1 vs winner of BB game


The Freeburg Monster Mash Volleyball Tournament will be held at Freeburg High School,
Smithton Grade School, Freeburg Grade School, & St. Joe’s Grade School on Saturday,
October 13, 2018. The tournament will be pool play, with matches being played in four
gyms. After pool play, the place finish of each team will determine their bracket play.
Final round matchups will be the corresponding place finishers from each pool.
If a tie should exist in pool play, it will be broken by:
1. If two teams tie – head-to-head competition
2. If multiple teams tie – the first tiebreaker will be overall set record
3. If teams are still tied after No. 2, then overall point differential will determine places
4. If two teams are still tied after number 3, head-to-head competition will be used

*Warm up will be 2-6-6 for all first matches of tournament, after that we will use 2-3-3
*Home team will provide the official scorekeeper and visiting team with provide the libero tracker.
*First team listed is the home team, second team away.
*Trainer- will be provided by Freeburg but will be limited due to split locations.
*Balls- Freeburg will provide warm up balls for all gyms
Each match will be two of three games; games 1 and 2 played to 25 points; win by two using rally scoring
with a cap of 28. If a third game is needed, it will be played to 15 rally scoring; win by two with a cap of 18.
All-Tournament Team
Please pick up your All Tournament packets when you arrive. For pool play matches & first round of
bracket play, you will vote for two players from the winning team and one player from the losing team.
There will be an administrator at each location to give you your all tournament team packet
Other Tournament Information
1. Please be prepared to play ahead of schedule
2. Freeburg will not be responsible for lost articles
3. Coaches, 15 squad members, managers and stat keepers will be admitted free
4. A concession stand will be available throughout the day
5. Plaque will be awarded to the team that places first place overall immediately after the last match
6. Admission prices:
a. Adults $5.00
b. Students $4.00
*Tickets good for entire day*

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